Watch them grow...puppies
just weeks old are in a vital
learning phase.-      Guidance
and love builds a friend for
life.  9
The comfort of your own environment is an
ideal way for us to partner in your human
canine bond experience.  We make home
visits so you can share with us your
concerns and let us evaluate your unique
needs.  Your dog is a family member and we
can show you how to assist him in reaching
his potential.  We believe in your ability to do
this.  Let us show you.
Suzy and Sky
Agility work is one of the many activities
you are your dog can enjoy.
We offer group classes as well.  
Check with us-classes are offered at
the beach, dog friendly parks or
even your neighborhood. Classes
offer a good chance for your dog to
socialize.  a dog that is comfortable
around all manner of distractions is
a dog who is comfortable in her own
We can pick you up in our Doggy-
n-Style K-9 Limo.  Your dog will
enjoy the space with you by his
Be a part of the first San Diego
Doggy Drill Team!   Step out in
cadence.  Your dog at your side!
Ask about our
limited and
personal boarding.
We take care of
your dog like it
was a member of
our family.  Phone
619-540-3713 for
We offer:
  • Private or group lessons.
  • Limited Private Boarding
  • Pick up and delivery in our
    Doggy-n-Style K9 Limo.
  • Canine Drill Team
  • Behavior Modification
  • Activities to enhance your bond
Stands for Dog
Aerobics and
Discipline.  Call
619-540-3713 and
speak to Doug about
this unique training
program for you and
your dog.  The
human canine bond
grows from
interaction.  We can
facilitate that bond
with many activities.
Dog Aerobics and
Discipline is an
innovative idea
bringing your and
your pet together!
Call us at 619-540-3713 or
Email us at: