A few thoughts from DAD

How about some of that
I've been waiting all day for
Wonder why your dog chases his tail?  
No one can know for sure but people
who study dogs think there are a  few
good answers.  It seems that dogs
often tail chase as a way to cope with
confusion.  Often when a puppy is
young people find it so entertaining
that the dog feels he has pleased you
and it simply becomes a habit.  Another
theory involves the prey drive.  No one
would pretend that your dog thinks he
is going to catch that critter on his
behind but some behaviorists think a
dogs desire to attempt it is it's own
reward.  Me... I just think it is purely for
Roll down the car window a little
bit and you are likely to have a
happy dog.  This is because you
have just opened that window to a
delight to the senses your dog can
not resist.  The olfactory organ in a
canine is 60 times the size of yours
and mine.  It has been estimated
that a dog can detect scents a
million times less concentrated
than you and I.  To a dog a car ride
with a window open isn't about the
scenery at all.  It is bakery, fast
food, squirrel, barbecue, all going
past in a whirling rush.  Call it
canine speed reading.
Notice that yawn?  Yes it is often a
sign of a sleepy dog but, did you
know that it is really common for a
dog to yawn when he goes to the
Vet.  Some dogs yawn nonstop
when they visit their Veterinarian.  
This is a method dogs use to give
themselves a little time to calm
down and acclimate to the
situation.  Yawning has very little
to do with being tired most of the
time.  Experienced dog trainers
know that when a dog yawns she is
at the end of her attention span
and it is time to change activities
for awhile.
Have you heard that massage can bring you
and your dog closer?  Start with the ears.  
Your dog has a myriad of nerve endings
available in those ears for you to rub.  This
produces a feel good sensation that can
give you a friend for life.  Guess  what
else?  Those nerve endings extend into his
internal organs and judging by that look in
his eyes those endorphins are working
overtime..  Start at the base and gently pull
up and rub out.  OOOooooooooo. Arf!
Does your dog have a bedtime
routine?  If so he is a member of
the club.  Many dogs have a
routine they follow just before they
bed down.  Many owners say their
dog turns around three times, or
paws the bed just so every night
before they go to sleep for the
night.  This ritual feels good to
your dog. A dogs sense of smell is
so acute they would know if
another dog has been in their bed.
 Her natural sense of territory
directs her to  put down her mark
to let any trespassers know whose
spot this is.  Besides it just feels
good to scratch.
If you live in the San Diego area there
are multiple places you can go to
spend time outdoors with your dog.  
Dog Beach in Ocean Beach area is just
one example.  If you live here you
might want to try Shoreline Park in
Point Loma, or visit Fiesta Island, one
of the most dog friendly places in the
area.  Or take a visit to Balboa park.  
San Diego has a number of dog
friendly outdoor patio spots in local
Now if you don't live here
how about a visit.
 Give us a call and
we will put together a canine vacation
for your family AND your dog.  We can
help with the doggy day care when
your pet can't go.  And we can do
private training sessions so the dog
you take home with you is the one you
always wanted.
Mama Kitty
No Dog
But a big part of the
Doghouse Family
Sugar Bear