We have proven success helping dogs
develop a good recall.  This means they
come back when you call them.  We can
help you become comfortable so you can
enjoy your dog as much as Suzy does
Sky at the beach.
Meet the Doghouse
Doug Welker is an
innovative canine trainer.  
With his many years
experience and belief that
a dog needs to feel
successful, Doug can lead
the way helping you and
your dog on the path to
true partnership.
Suzy Noe has been working with dogs
since she was eight years old.  
Currently she and her dog Sky have an
unparalleled canine partnership.
Suzy's dedication and skill are an
asset to our team.
Debbi Noe brings to the team years of
experience in veterinary medicine and
canine behavior.  Want to know why
dogs chase their tails?  Just ask her.
Sky and Kazan
Our Canine Team