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Doug Welker - Retired canine handler from an
area police agency and former Marine Corp Drill
instructor has a life long love of dogs.  That
experience can assist you in developing your
canine companion into your life long best friend.
There is a reason a dog is known as mans best
Dads Doghouse
We want you for a new
Doug and Kazan in Texas
At Dads Doghouse we believe in the bond between you
and your dog.  A dog is a family member and with
guidance and you as the leader living with your dog
will be an experience that will enrich your life.  To
achieve the balance of coexistence with your dog we at
Dads Doghouse believe in a system of consistent
expectations and training that makes your dog feel
successful enough to
want to meet that expectation.
We feel that a dog who
wants to please you is a finer
companion than a dog who behaves out of fear of
consequences.  Call us and see.
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